Monday, April 5, 2010

Today I read articles in the New York Times and the Birmingham News about the pope and the sex scandals. Yesterday on Easter he gave his address in St. Peters Square about the sex scandals that have rocked the Church in Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the U.S. The National Catholic Reporter has also printed an article about the scandal. It must be really hard for a Catholic like Chris Matthews on MSNBC to report on the scandal. A prominent Cardinal, Angelo Sodano, personally greeted the pope with special Easter greetings. He said the bishops and 400,000 priests were supporting the pope. The pope wrote a letter to the church in Ireland saying he was sorry about the scandal. Gosh, it's hard to be a Catholic in this day and age. The article in the National Catholic Reporter deals with the scandal in the German, Austrian and Swiss Churches. The National Catholic Reporter also has book reviews and my priest has a book club that he writes about in our church bulletin. I spent all afternoon on the phone with Dell complaining about problems with my computer but it's OK now or I wouldn't be posting on this blog. There is an article in the National Catholic Reporter about Holy Week that I'm going to be reading soon. The National Catholic Reporter is a really good paper and I recommend reading it even for non-Catholics.

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