Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm reading an article in the New York Times about the case that came up in the Supreme Court against cruelty and violence against animals. It rejected a ban on animal cruelty videos. It specifically referred to dogfights. I saw the President on "Hardball" tonight. I got to watch most of the show but I forget the name of the Pennsylvania congressman that Arlen Spector is running against. I just got a phone call from a private caller who is always calling at insane hours of the night. It's probably one of those jerky guys asking for money. The case the Supreme Court dealt with is about Robert J.Stephens who made videos about pit bulls, they are really bad news. I don't watch Dancing With the Stars that's going to end soon. It is about First Amendment rights. I accidentally left the water on in the bathroom now I turned it off. My parents are watching a movie with Bridget Fonda in it we had an argument at dinner tonight about her relationship with Jane, there was thing on MSNBC about McAfee shutting down all the computers in hospitals and schools all through the country but I ran it twice today and if my computer were screwed up I wouldn't be posting this thing on my blog. I was sick with diarrhea all today and I went to an art class but I'm going to stop going four times a week. Tomorrow or the next day I will be making fettucini with butter and cream and cheese it will be good to eat some of that for supper. My dad made some cream puffs and screwed up on the recipe. The New York Times filed a brief in favor of Mr. Stephens. Now it's really nice and quiet and it's time to drink my nighttime Coke and go to bed and maybe read some more. Today in 753 BC Romulus and Remus founded Rome and it's Queen Elizabeth II's birthday and Henry VIII became King of England today I just read on a history blog about Romulus and Remus and Henry VIII becoming King of England. The Red Baron was shot down and killed during World War I his real name was Manfred von Richthofen and Saigon fell today as well in 1975.

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