Monday, April 19, 2010

I just read an article in the New York Times about the McVeigh tapes that was shown on MSNBC tonight. I decided not to watch the show because I like shows about good people, not terrorists. Our phone is recharged now we don't have any problems with the phone. I filled out a form that we are supposed to fill out for readers of our local paper, Black and White. I just had a horrible sneezing attack and cut my finger making salad and it took me forever to find a bandaid to stop the bleeding. I'm reading the arts section in the New York Times, my local paper doesn't do that much writing about the arts and we have to look through the whole paper just to find the news about the arts. I even went into the bathroom looking for a bandaid, the one that is being torn out. I didn't know it had been emptied! Someone on my U2 list just posted a note about watching the baseball game I guess the baseball season has started? I tried to put a picture or two on the computer I still have the CD's in my room I meant to take them back but I forgot and now they're just sitting here on my desk I'll take them back later. There is also an article in the New York Times about a new book I'll have to check the New York Times best-seller list and see if it's there. Tomorrow the baseball news will be in the local paper and I'll get to see if my friend's Cubs team won or lost their game! I need to take some anti-diarrheal medication that I forgot to take just now. There is also an article about Placido Domingo singing the title role in Verdi's "Simon Boccanagra" after a brush with colon cancer. There is so much good art news in the New York Times.

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