Sunday, April 18, 2010

There is an article in the New York Times about Iran's nuclear arsenal. There was also an article on the BBC news website about the Pope in Malta. My parents are watching some movie. I went to see the new Ben Stiller movie, "Greenberg". It didn't really have a plot, it was just a character study. It was just strange, I hope he doesn't leave comedy. The Defense Secretary wrote the memo about Iran's nuclear arsenal in January. I screwed up and left the phone off the hook while I was eating and now it's going to take all night to recharge! I'm looking at it now and it's still recharging! My dad tried to call me and it worked then but I came back in here and now it's still recharging. I just hope they're not too mad! The article is about terrorists that Iran supports. Now the phone is recharged so they can make a call if they want to. I ordered some more checks from the bank they should be here in seven days or so, I ordered some from the Regions website. Some car is driving down one of the roads that are around here and it's really making alot of noise. Today it went up to 72 it's going to be colder down here tonight I didn't look at the weather yet but I'm going to check it and try to install weatherbug maybe.The article in the New York Times says that an official would insure that Iran wouldn't acquire a nuclear capability. I looked at the weather on Google and it's 55 degrees but it's going down to the 40's so I might turn off the air conditioning tonight before I go to bed and read about the pope and other articles and books on my Kindle.

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