Friday, March 26, 2010

Tonight I watched the Rachel Maddow show. Earlier Chris Matthews talked about the fight Senator Robert Bennett is having in the state of Utah, a normally reliably conservative state. Chris sneezed and they said "Bless You" to him. That was funny, Rachel hates to sneeze on TV and she talked about being terrified of sneezing on the air. As someone with terrible allergies myself, I thought it was interesting how famous people deal with sneezing attacks. MSNBC is my favorite news station. The New York Times says that due to Utah's quirky laws the Senator is going to have to have 3500 delegates to win the Republican primary in June. He says it is the nastiest campaign he's ever been through. The Tea Party people have entered the Republican primaries and we have a thoroughly disagreeable candidate running for governor here in Alabama named Byrne. Senator Bennett said he'd only serve two terms in the Senate but now he's seeking his fourth. He's in trouble for voting to bail out the banks in the Troubled Assets Relief Program. Senator Orrin Hatch and Bennett both voted for it and Hatch has endorsed his colleague's campaign but he could lose. It's a Friday in Lent and maybe I should have given up blogging for Lent but it't too late now, I've blogged just about every night in Lent. Tomorrow I'm going to check out interactive museums of Turkey and just have fun linking to Turkish web sites. I might try the embassy of Turkey and put it in my list of Google favorites. Good night, I'm signing off for now.

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