Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gosh, it's windy and cold outside. I'm sitting here listening to rain and wind. We went to Bambinelli's to eat tonight. I had meatballs and angel hair pasta. Yes, tonight's post is all about food! There is a little news from the Associated Press about a ship from South Korea that lost 46 sailors. It sank. There is also news about 321 civilians who were killed in the Congo in 2009. It's being reported by a group called Human Rights Watch. It was carried out by members of the Lords Resistance Army. There was also a battle fought in the Gaza Strip in which Israel withdrew its troops after a gunbattle in some of the fiercest battles since last years offensive in the Gaza Strip. Israeli troops used bulldozers to remove infrastructure used by terrorists to attack soldiers. Gosh, that's a terrible place to live. Earlier I read practically the whole New York Times while my parents were at the opera. It was Hamlet. I missed Worlds because it wasn't televised here, we don't get Universal Sports here in Birmingham and we didn't get our newspaper here so I couldn't get the coverage here and I couldn't check the television listings. There is also news from the Associated Press about killings in Afghanistan in the first three months of the year. The number of killings of U. S. soldiers has doubled to 77, 57 in the first two months and twenty this month. Mao Asada won Worlds, beating Yu Na Kim who made some major mistakes in her short program and finished second. That won't go over well in South Korea where she sells everything and practically treat her like a goddess. Kim finished seventh in the short program and pulled up to second in the free. Our girl Miria Nagasu won the short program but I don't know how she finished the competition nobody said where she ended up. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when hopefully we have some newspaper coverage. Nagasu is only 16 so she's got a bright future.

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