Monday, March 29, 2010

The President went to Afghanistan yesterday. I haven't watched the news in two days and I'm really tired because I got up at 7 A.M. to greet the plumber and I still don't have a watch to time my hairwashing routine! The New York Times is joking about the representatives who voted for the health care bill, taking six districts from Georgia, Idaho, Florida, Maine, Illinois and Louisiana. It's eight o'clock and I don't think I'll watch Rachel tonight. I was supposed to be in a conference call with Melinda Gates but I missed it. Earlier I read an article in the Nation about workers at a mine in California in the Mojave desert. It was in a town called Boron. I ate fried chicken and drank milk for dinner tonight and I think I'll call it a night because I also missed Dancing With the Stars, a show I'm not a big fan of anyway. I spent all afternoon on the phone with my church and retirement homes trying to find a place to live. I'm telling you, it's a pain in the neck being a high-functioning autistic! I'm reading an article in the Nation about how much news anchors get paid. Diane Sawyer made 12 million in the job that Stephanopoulos has now. I'm going to call it a night and finish my prayers and such that I have to do tonight. There is also an article in the New York Times about tweets and ballet that looks interesting. New York ballet dancers are tweeting and I just got a call from the performing arts that was for my father. We get so many useless phone calls and the guy hung up before I could answer it. They're out to dinner and will be out until I don't know when, it's a Passover dinner and they're at the neighbor's whose husband is Jewish and they are having a Passover dinner at their house. This is really hard, finding a place to live but I have no choice as my parents are 85 and 86 and must move to a retirement home. The ballet dancers tweet about their injuries and falling in their dress rehearsals and taking some time off to heal from their injuries and being fat. They have stressful jobs and I guess they have to do something to get their minds off of the stress.

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  1. Dear Patricia,

    I took my shower today and I feel wonderful.
    I have been away from the news this weekend too.

    Gary Hughes