Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tonight on the Rachel Maddow she had scientists on her show, physicists, for her Moment of Geek. There is also an article in the Associated Press about the scientists. They are from the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The scientists are even tweeting about their experiments. In other news the pope is in the news over the sexual abuse scandal in the US and Europe. A lawsuit filed in Kentucky is in the news. Their lawyer, McMurry, is trying to depose the pope. There is also another case against the pope in Oregon. Rachel is mad because Scott Brown in Massachusetts keeps claiming that she's running against him and she's not. The church has been moving priests from parish to parish, and Cardinal Law of Boston was one of the worst offenders. The plaintiffs in the Kentucky case argue that diocesian priests do not work for the pope. There is also a story in the Associated Press about Hillary Clinton demanding that Iran and its nuclear program. It's a G8 meeting. There is an article in the New York Times about a female suicide bomber in Russia. The explosions were by Chechnnyan terrorists. It touched off fears that it may be a Muslim insurgency. The bombings occurred in Moscow. People are crazy!

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