Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm sitting here reading the New York Times. There is a picture of Google's headquarters in Beiing with people lighting candles in the paper. Google is leaving China. It was in China for four years. It shut down its search engine there. There is also some skating news. Belbin and Agosto and Lysacek are missing the World Championships. I'm sort of upset that no Birmingham station is showing Worlds. Unfortunately Birmingham doesn't have a date for Stars on Ice, it's going to have Sasha Cohen, Evan Lysacek, Belbin and Agosto and Todd Eldrege. Belbin and Agosto decided that they were going to end their season at the Olympics. But I'm sure that the paper will announce the winner when Worlds is over. I'm just sad that I can't watch them in Birmingham. There is also a report in the Huffington Post about Israel and the fact that there were no photographs or anything friendly about the Prime Ministers visit to the White House. There is also an article about Haiti in today's Huffington Post. I'm reading Blades on Ice about the Olympics, that's how I get my skating news. I'm reading about Evan's gold medal performance, it was really good.

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