Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm sitting here reading Greg Mortenson's "Stones to Schools". I spent all afternoon and part of tonight on the phone getting rid of stuff on my computer so it will speed up. I had to get rid of my AOL software so it would stop disrupting my computer. AOL is a pain in the neck! I went to knitting guild today at my church and didn't get to watch any news but I read in the paper that health care reform passed and that's great news. I have a Coke here that I'm going to drink a little of before I say my prayers and go to bed. I also spent part of the afternoon cleaning up my room, getting things out of the way so we could fix my computer. It's cold here in Birmingham, my computer says it's 44 degrees right now at 9:30. I'm going to read about Mortenson's adventures in Afghanistan, right now I'm reading about some tribesman from the Kirghis tribe in Afghanistan, that part of the world has fascinated me for years. The Central Asia Institute is Mortenson's NGO, they have a website and it's a charity I highly recommend if charities are your thing. The Kirghis are a neglected ethnic group in Afghanistan. They're not Pashtuns like Karzai is so they don't amount to much in the way of attention from the government. Last night I visited the website of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and they sent me an email. But I don't have their email address anymore. We accidentally threw out the paper with it on it. I should have put it in my notepad or word processor. But I found the Easter music CD I wrote to them about so it's not a tragedy that I can't find their email addy. The CD has a beautiful cover to it and I'll spend Easter listening to the beautiful music from the Shrine's choir. It has two songs by Palestrina on it and he's one of my favorite composers.

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