Thursday, March 11, 2010

I just read Chapter 7 in Greg Mortenson's book. It's about the earthquake in Pakistan in 2005. He's talking about what happened to his schools that he built in the Kashmir. He's one heck of a smart guy. Before reading I read the news on the Internet. Mortenson talks about the history of Pakistan and Afghanistan so it's really interesting. That was a terrible day for Pakistan, they call it the Apocalypse. It took place on October 8 of 2005. Also in the New York Times there's an article about the new president of Chile. His name is Sebastian Pinera. It's the first conservative government that Chile has had in 50 years. I have to get a pneumococcal shot tomorrow and also go to my art class so I'll finish this post for tonight. It's time to say my prayers and call it a night.

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