Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tonight I watched the Rachel Maddow show, but someone named Chris Hayes was sitting in for her. I just read Chapter 5 in "Stones to Schools" about building schools in godforsaken places in Afghanistan. They talked about the Tea Party people in the Republican Party on MSNBC. It was raining here but it stopped. I spent today downloading bank statements and installing financial software. The Microsoft people were a pain in the neck, they said that they didn't give phone support to older Money programs so I installed Quicken. I'll start learning how to download my financial statements into those programs tomorrow. I was addicted to that station when I was in the hospital for hip replacement surgery in March and November. Gosh, it's getting cold here. I drank some milk for supper but had coffee and milk for lunch because I didn't get a chance to drink enough coffee before I left for art class this morning. I also spent some time playing with my genealogy software, Family Tree Maker from Ancestry.com. It was a day for all kinds of software playing but it's not all play some of this stuff is very useful. That's enough posting for one night.

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