Friday, February 5, 2010

Well as it turns out not everything in New Orleans is football. They are having mayoral elections tomorrow. The Rachel Maddow show was hilarious tonight, broadcast from New Orleans, with everything gallicized and talk about politics and sports. New Orleans may get its first white mayor in 32 years. The Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana, Mitch Landrieu is leading in the polls. The cocktail moment on the Rachel Maddow show was a whiskey concoction. Yuck! I hate whiskey! Give me Coke and I'm happy! The voters of New Orleans want an insider. New Orleans has a black population of 61% and some people think a majority city should have a black mayor. The Super Bowl is Sunday so it's a big weekend for New Orleans. There is a black candidate, Troy Henry, who is black, and John Georges, who is white. New Orleans has been through so much, what with Hurricane Katrina happening. The voters are fed up with the current mayor, Ray Nagin. He has served two terms and is prevented by law from running for a third. If nobody gets at least half of the votes they will have a run-off on March 6. We just elected a new mayor in Birmingham, William Bell, and he is black, so I know something about black mayors.

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