Thursday, February 4, 2010

There's this disturbing group in Washington that's called the Family. Rachel Maddow has done extensive coverage on them in her show. They have ties to the Kill the Gays Bill in Uganda. Both John Ensign, the Republican Senator from Nevada and Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina live at their Washington dormitory. They sponsor the National Prayer Breakfast. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington are urging the President and Congressional leaders to stay away from the National Prayer Breakfast. This isn't just scrambled eggs, it's some pretty sinister stuff.A White House official says the Pesident plans to attend with Michelle and Hillary Clinton will also attend. There is going to be an alternative prayer hour here in Alabama and also events in California, Washington DC, Rochester New York. It's called the American Prayer Hour. I support gay rights and the bill in Uganda is terrible. The New York Times had an article about the Family and their anti-gay agenda today. That's enough posting for one day, it's getting late and I'm tired!

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