Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Those Baptists from Idaho who kidnapped those children are in jail and should be. The New York Times reports that the children are from between the ages of two months to twelve years old. They claimed that the children were orphans but there have been questions raised as to whether or not they were really orphans. Some of the Baptists are from Texas and Kansas. They claimed to be doing God's work but that's not what I consider to be God's work. Haiti has been through so much it seems to be a shame that anyone is doing this. In other news there was an attack In Baghdad by a woman who veiled her explosives in a black robe. The attack killed at least 38 people and wounded scores more. The victims were Shiite Muslims who were taking part in a religious pilgrimage. They were on their way to Karbala for a Friday holiday called Arbaeen. People do strange things in the name of religion don't they?

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