Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, my goodness, what about this earthquake in Haiti? It's horrible! 3 million people have been affected and 50,000 or so have been killed. The Archbishop of Port-au-Prince was killed! The Presidential Palace was levelled, there's not enough food or water. That country has been through so much, the Duvalier dictators ripped it off big time, and now this. It's a real shame. Last night I watched the coverage of the quake relief efforts on MSNBC. I just read an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about Brazilian soldiers helping to deliver a baby girl. The baby is OK but the mother is in trouble from bleeding. I donated to some Catholic charities and Mercy Corps. The news is just plain bad from Port-au-Prince and I recommend giving to the charity of your choice, maybe Doctors Without Borders is your kind of charity. This is terrible. People are sleeping in soccer fields because they're homeless. You can look for a site for Charity Navigator to choose the charity to give to. The cathedral the legislative building and the National Palace were heavily damage or destroyed. This is a bad situation and we all have to keep the people of Haiti in our prayers.

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