Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Being a liberal in a conservative state
Now it's time to post about being a liberal in a conservative state. Sometimes I think doing politics in Alabama is a waste of time, what with two Republican Senators and a Republican congressman. (I'm in the state's Sixth Congressional District)John McCain carried this state in the Presidential election last year. Opposing the war in Iraq and opposing the death penalty are not popular positions in Alabama, and supporting abortion rights is not popular either. I sign political petitions and get letters from my Senators and Congressman in reply. It's not personal, I'm sure they're nice guys, I just don't like their politics. The local newspaper is very conservative and I subscribed to the New York Times on my Kindle so I could read a better paper! The local newspaper endorsed McCain. I do read the local paper because at least it's news and it's better to have some news than none at all. I read blogs and I also get a news email from the BBC that is always nice to read.It's nice to have other viewpoints and I try to respect other people's views, I tell them that as long as they're not in the Ku Klux I don't care who they voted for.
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