Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. There aren't any news shows on TV. My parents have gone out to eat with the bridge club. I ate some fried chicken for dinner. I found a needle in my room and put it in my sewing box. I cleaned some scissors too. Some fireworks are going off. We thought some children might be trick or treating tonight even though Halloween isn't until tomorrow. Damn, those fireworks are loud. I didn't read anything in the local paper about fireworks. I guess some people are celebrating Halloween early! It's getting cold in here it says it's 66 degrees on my computer. I drank four cups of coffee for breakfast! I have some new bird magazines in my room I'm going to be reading them soon. Now I don't hear the fireworks they didn't last long. Monday is All Saint's Day. I'm not going to Mass because I'm not the kind of Catholic who thinks they're going to hell if they miss Mass on a holy day of obligation. I just took my night pills I've posted enough for one night!

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