Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. My mother came home from the rehab place today. I made dinner for us tonight, fettucine with butter and cream and Parmesan cheese. The phone just rang. I'm going to take my night medicine soon. My mother and I were looking at an Italian cookbook at dinner and we decided to have Italian night once a week with me cooking dinner. My father is looking for my mother's discharge papers. I hear a bird chirping. We want to simplify things. We ate at 6:30 tonight and finished about a half hour ago. I just took my night meds. It's really good to have my mother home dinner was a celebration. I missed Mass today but I'm not the kind of Catholic who thinks I'm going to hell if I miss a Mass. I hear a bird chirping again it must be that little field sparrow who practically lives at my feeder. I told my dad he might have to phone the hospital about the discharge papers. I have my book by the anti-Klan lawyer, Morris Dees, on my bed ready to read another chapter tonight as well as a couple of articles in the New York Times. I hear a car driving up the street. I really do like to cook as long as the recipe isn't too hard. I'm going to the store tomorrow. I'm going to call my church and get some info on the lady who runs my knitting group at church. I have the phone number. There's that bird again. The search for the discharge papers is a wild goose chase. I hate it when I can't find something. I just looked in my purse and saw my debit card. There's that bird again! My dad was gone when I got up and I went downstairs and drank coffee and ate cereal and read the paper. I drank four cups of coffee for breakfast. I was eating breakfast when my mother came home from the rehab place. It's time to wrap up this post and go to bed I'm really tired. It's been a long day! Tomorrow we can watch a video from the Teaching Company about art. Tonight was the first night in a month that my mother had had wine. He found her medicine and that's the important thing. I found my trash bags. There's that bird again! Good night from the blogosphere!

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