Sunday, August 8, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. I read an article about Julia Roberts in my local newspaper. There's that bird again! We just ate and had vichysoisse and steak Diane and I drank milk. My dad is washing the dishes.There's a funny poem in the Nation magazine. It's called "On Obama's Plate". I went to the drugstore today to get some medicine. They're having all sorts of problems in Russia, from wildfires to road rage. My parents are watching some news show on TV. I turned on the fan in here to keep the noise out. There's that bird again. We're having problems with our kitchen faucet. We've been using the faucet but I ate breakfast of waffles because I didn't want to get my church clothes wet. I used the upstairs bathroom faucet to take some pain pills. I want to see Angelina Jolie's movie, "Salt". Unfortunately one of the local theatres isn't printing movie listings you have to look on the Internet or call them. We also had cornbread for dinner. I just took my medicine now it's time to publish this post and see what people are saying on my Catholic list about the Ground Zero mosque. My dad just went to bed and I think my mother is going soon because she has to get up early for the repair people to fix our kitchen faucet and our dishwasher. I'm going to read my book and wrap up this post. Good night from the blogosphere!

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