Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My parents went to a memorial service today. My old internist died and they had the ceremony in a suburb of Birmingham called Hoover. They're really tired as a result. We had some chicken and rice for supper. It was really hot in Birmingham today, with a high of 94. I'll check the Yahoo news later for news about the Swedish crown princess Victoria, who got married this past weekend. I'll also check the tennis news. There was some stuff in the Huffington Post about Victoria. Tonight I'll be reading some stuff about Roger Tory Peterson, the birdwatcher from upstate New York. I've been writing alot of stuff about Roger. I think my parents have gone to bed they had a really hard day. There is some stuff in here about stories and legends it's really hard to keep up with all of these books in here! I have about a million and I'll be posting away until I don't know when. Pretty soon it will be screensaver time and time to read some more about our favorite birdwatcher, Roger Tory Peterson. I also have the Audubon Society Field Guide to the Birds of North America the Eastern region so I'm certainly not short of bird books. Good night from the blogosphere! I also have some trash bags in here so if I want to clean up tomorrow or the next day I can. This has been a really long post so I think I'll end it all my dad has gone to bed and we're getting all settled down now. I put my beading away I still have alot of that to do but not tonight. I have about a thousand beads now I should have enough to finish this

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