Thursday, May 27, 2010

There is an article in the New York Times about the oil spill. I also watched a little of the President's speech on the BBC and listened to a little of it on NPR st lunch. That's when I took my vitamin pill. I have a green water bottle from St. Elias Maronite Catholic Church in here. I put my beads away I will do some more beading tomorrow. Today is May 27, I keep getting a notice that Windows has blocked some start-up programs I will be scanning some of my programs tomorrow but I don't do that at night because the internet is working or I wouldn't be writing this post. My parents are at bridge. My dad did the driving tonight. They're using tests called cement bond logs to try to stop the leak. The accident on the ship killed eleven workers. The ship is called the Deepwater Rig but you probably know that. This is the first time they've tried top kill. The President called the spill horrific and heartbreaking. He made a speech about the oil spill today at the White House I'm going to check the news later on about it and clean up my computer and read the BBC news. My mother is leaving for bridge and we have a terrible ant problem in the kitchen I spilled a Coke in my purse yesterday and couldn't get the Coke off so I'm just leaving the purse in my room hopefully time will get the Coke out of my purse and maybe the water will come out. The President makes great speeches I'm sorry I missed the President's speech but I got some of it on the Internet and the radio. He's going to Louisiana tomorrow for a look. It's time to end this post and maybe read s little bit before I drink my Coke and go to bed. I've been getting my BBC emails a little late this week they must be having trouble with their site. I just found my book about birds in North America my father wants to listen to the DVD of birdsongs that came with the book tomorrow. The book is from Smithsonian. Now nobody is here because my mother just left for the bridge club. It's about time to close this post and check my email and go to bed. I got some Father's Day Cards from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and my father's not Catholic so I probably will just make him a card. It's screen-saver time! Good night from the blogosphere!

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