Sunday, May 16, 2010

I just ordered some needles on the internet. I lost two needles! I need some more needles!it's late now earlier my parents were watching the Miss USA Pageant on TV. Now I think they've gone to bed. I had to dry my gown when I spilled Coke on it! What a pain in the neck. I ordered some of the needles on and some on another site. I might go back and order some beading needles they are what I need. Now I know my parents are in bed and I will be soon. I just threaded a needle for some beadwork I think the beads are coming tomorrow or soon! I got an email from the bead company that my order had shipped yesterday. I'm reading an article in the New York Times about the king of Thailand, a spy network gone crazy and other things. There is also something about the Times Square bomber. He had financial problems. He was trained to make bombs by the Pakistani Taliban. It's late as heck I'm going to wrap up this post and go to bed.

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