Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tonight I'm reading in the New York Times about the arts. One critic likes the new Twyla Tharp dance show called "Come Fly Away". One of them likes it and the other one doesn't. One of them is writing in London! One of the critics is named Isherwood and one is named Macaulay. One of them refers to pathetic sensationalist creeps. It's quiet here because my dad is at bridge and won't be home until later this night. One of them doesn't like the lifts in the dance. It's a dance pop piece on Broadway which I don't make it to that much being stuck in this cultural desert. I missed Holy Thursday mass but I just filled out a card with prayer guild enrollment at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Isherwood is a theatre critic for the Times and he likes the dance. Macaulay is a dance critic. Macaulay is the one writing in London where he's catching up with theatre. The pope isn't in the news today but dancers are. The critics are talking about dancers who refuse to do jetes and arabesques. Tonight is Holy Thursday and I didn't go to mass but I will go on Sunday for Easter Mass at St. Francis Xavier parish. I'll be changing churches when I move it will be sad to change churches but change is part of life. It's time for prayers and good night reader. Friday I'm going to the Lebanese food festival here in Birmingham I'm sure I'll have alot to say about that. Meanwhile I have some nice Easter music from the Shrine which I'm really going to enjoy listening to. I'm moving out to the little house in the back on Saturday because some people are coming to do the shower in my parents bathroom and the noise will be terrible. The people from Bright House are coming Saturday morning to install a modem or whatever we need to do to to make the internet work for me during the two week installation of the bathroom. That's enough blogging for one night!

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