Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today I sewed a blouse with my mother. I'm still reading that really long book about the Family, a group of fundamentalists in Arlington that Rachel Maddow talks about on her show. I tried to download some software called Bluetooth but the storm got in the way and stopped the download. It's stopped raining thank goodness! I just had a sneezing and coughing fit but it's stopped now. I just checked the baseball news on Yahoo and the Cubs are winning their game. I just checked my Coke supply and I have six Cokes in the corner of the room and one on the cabinet and a half of one that I drank while taking anti-diarrheal medication. My phone says I missed a call from someone I don't know who it would be I hate these late night phone calls! I have a book about Pope John Paul II that I'm going to be looking at tonight it has alot of pretty pictures I'll be making this Saturday post short and sweet I have to go to church tomorrow and it's time for bed and prayers.

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