Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today I wrote a piece on the troubadours. I also worked on my Family Tree Maker software. That's a good piece of software, if you're interested in genealogy you should use it. I just watched the Rachel Maddow show and she talked about The Family and the place they live in in Washington DC. I got an email message about the attack on the Pentagon, it's really terrible what some people will do. I joined the Audubon Society but unfortunately they don't have an Alabama affiliate. I missed the President's speech on health care reform. The Massachusetts election was a real shocker, I never thought that Massachusetts would elect a Republican Senator. According to the New York Times the President will travel to Missouri and Pennsylvania to campaign for his health care bill since Nancy Pelosi doesn't have the votes to get it to pass the House. I knitted while I watched Rachel but I had to tear out about six rows in this hotmat I'm making. The President wants a health care vote with a simple majority, not a supermajority. Good night, I'll post again later!

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