Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today I started reading Greg Mortenson's "Stones into Schools." It was a Saturday during Lent in which I couldn't eat meat last night but tonight I ate pizza. There's not much news on the weekend but I did read in the paper yesterday that our former mayor is going to jail for corruption. Birmingham is cursed with crooked politicians and political machines. Greg Mortenson also wrote "Three Cups of Tea" about building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He has an organization called the Central Asia Institute that has a website, I'm sure you can Google it if you want some information on it. I had to get rid of some of my programs on my computer because I had memory issues so we deleted Yahoo Messenger. I hated that program! It had an annoying habit of having instant messages popping up on my computer that came during all hours of the night and I didn't need it anymore so now everything is OK with my computer. Tomorrow I'm going to look for skating videos on YouTube, that's enough posting for one day, I'll post some more tomorrow. It's time for my nightly Coke and bed.

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