Friday, February 26, 2010

Well today I didn't watch the Olympics, I watched the Rachel Maddow show. The Olympics were great with Yu-Na-Kim winning the gold medal and doing one of the greatest performances in Olympic history. Rachel interviewed the Mayor of San Francisco,I forget his name. I know something about mayors, we just elected a new mayor here in Birmingham. I also read articles in the New York Times about a political crisis in Turkey and a mistake the French made in Rwanda. San Francisco has universal health care, art education and many good things. But it's also supposed to be an expensive city. So is New York. I spent alot of time working on an update to my autobiography, called "Chronicles of an Aspie". I hope to find a publisher for it, I haven't found one. I think that's enough blogging for tonight, it's late and I should just go to bed. Good night, I'll post again later and see if I can get other people to post on this blog.

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