Monday, December 28, 2009

Why I am a pro-choice Catholic
Few issues are as explosive and controversial as abortion. I'm jumping into a fire! The fact of the matter is that I believe abortion is a necessary evil and I think this is the position of many who support choice on abortion. I don't think anyone who supports choice really thinks that abortion is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Last year some Catholics voted strictly on abortion. They were single-issue voters. But the fact of the matter is that Obama won the Catholic vote by 54% to McCain's 46%. The McCain Catholics kept saying that the Vatican said that the Democrats were the party of death. But the Pope is not a one-issue man. He talks about the environment, poverty and other issues. The Catholic bishops support health care reform. Yes, they supported the anti-abortion language introduced by Rep. Stupac. But they support the essence of health care reform and that's the important thing in my book. I don't want women who want abortions to end up in the back alleys dying from a botched abortion. What's the virtue with that?
I'm still learning how to blog so please be patient with my screw-ups and such, I'm trying to save this post. In the future I'll be blogging about my involvement with the Catholic peace group Pax Christi. So stay tuned!

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