Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. There aren't any news shows on TV. Something is coming on the History Channel but not until 11 P.M. and tomorrow's a Church day. I don't know if the noise in here is from the computer or the TV. I think the show on at eleven is really good but I have a tape from the History Channel about the Inquisition. I'm almost through with my lecture series from the Teaching Company. It's the medieval history one. I only have two lectures left. My sister gave me my tape from the History Channel. I'm going to bed and read. Some jerk burned down our city tree, I hope he goes to jail! We're going to have a Christmas tree I have two decorations for a tree I got at the Leaf and Petal. Yes, our Botanical Gardens is a really nice place to shop for Christmas presents. I put the plant I got in our dining room! That's a long post! I just drank some Coke to take my night pills with I'm really tired so I'll say good night from the blogosphere!

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