Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. I'm depressed because I didn't get into a housing arrangement I thought I was going to get into. But the place is really isolated and the only TV they watch is EWTN. I'm not a big fan of Mother Angelica. She's too conservative for me. I'm a liberal Catholic. I took my night pills and a pain pill. I'm about to have a sneezing attack!I took all of my pills I just took some anti-diarrheal pills as well. Good night from the blogosphere, I need to hit my bird books for the Christmas Bird Count. The dinner is going to be great and it's next week after spending all that time in the doctor's offices waiting to see these doctors. I just took an allergy pill too. Now I really mean good night from the blogosphere! I watched a lecture from the Teaching Company today. There are 36 lectures in the series and I'm going to show them to my sister when she comes home on Christmas.

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