Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. I say that every night! I watched some skating today, Skate America. I forget the name of the girl who won it but she's Japanese. Our girl, Rachael Flatt, finished second and Carolina Kostner won the bronze. I'm tired and sick so I'm about to take my night pills and go to bed and read. I have two more doses of cold medicine and three days of anti-diarrheal. I hope getting some much-needed rest will help me get over this cold. Some skating fans are watching Sectionals I'm not I think that sounds boring. I just took my night pills. Now I've taken all the pills I need to take. I had some tea this afternoon after I watched the skating. I just wish we got Universal Sports on Bright House Networks. We don't. Good night from the blogosphere I've written more than I thought I would tonight. It's time to go to bed and read. I feel terrible! I feel all nauseated and tired. I got up before eight this morning to go to church. So that's enough blogging for tonight.

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