Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. We went to the Persian restaurant, Ali Baba for dinner tonight. I had a beef dish that I'd never tried before and dolmeh and salad and iced tea. I watched a little CNN before we went. It's late as heck and I really need to take my night pills. I had a sneezing attack at the restaurant. I just took my night pills. I'm really tired it's been a long day. There was a bird in my room when I woke up this morning and we had a really hard time getting him out. I love birds but not when they're in my room. We had a water disaster today when the guy came out to do the cabinet. I'll have to go get some more anti-diarrheal medicine to put in my pill box tomorrow. That's enough posting for tonight. Good night from the blogosphere!

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