Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. My parents are watching footage of the Chilean miners rescue mission on TV. I still have a cold. I just took some cold medicine. I woke up this morning and my mother had gone to the doctor. I drank coffee and read the paper for about an hour. We had Spaghetti alla Carbonara for dinner. I made it last night. My mother's a news addict. The mining rescue is really emotional and noisy! My mother is sure some friends of hers from Chile are watching it too. Those miners were on some sort of diet to keep them from gaining too much weight. I'll look on the Internet for news of the rescue mission I'm sure it will be there maybe on Google or the BBC or Yahoo or even CNN. Now the damn phone is ringing. Who could be calling at this time of night! I'm going to bed now and read and rest this cold off. I just took this nights pills and now all I have to do is brush my teeth again to get the sugary taste out of my mouth. Good night from the blogosphere!

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