Monday, August 16, 2010

Not alot to say tonight.We had ham and grits for dinner. I didn't get to blog last night because my Internet connection was screwed up. My mother is watching some classic on TV. I saw a hummingbird today, a female ruby-throated one. I hear a bird chirping. I hate not having my Internet connection! Unfortunately a squirrel got into my feeder. I still have to clean up my email. There's that bird again! There's a huge issue in the news about the mosque in New York near Ground Zero. I have my Kindle ready to go my dad checked his Internet connection and it was good so he's gone to bed. The guy from Bright House Networks came just a few minutes ago and fixed my connection. I'll check the news at the Yahoo site before I go to bed. I put red pepper in my feeder to keep the squirrels out. Good night from the blogosphere! It's about to rain. It's pouring down bullfrogs! We saw a terrible movie yesterday. Angelina Jolie's movie, "Salt" is all blood and guts. We left after about fifteen minutes. It's good to be blogging again. It's time to read and just enjoy the night with everything working.

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