Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm sitting here reading the New York Times and I brought my birding newsletter with me. I also have my bird book in here with me along with a CD of birdsongs. I'm back in my room because my parents bathroom is fixed. It's a Saturday night so there aren't any news shows on although my dad was watching something on the TV this afternoon after he installed my new mouse. I have been having a devilish time with computer mouses! The Brmingham Audubon Society has a web site. There is an article in the New York Times about the war in Iraq. I drank milk and we had ham and grits for supper tonight. The troops are going to be out of Iraq by August but some troops are still there. Soon it will be time to drink my Coke and go to bed because I have church tomorrow and the Sunnis are a minority in Iraq but Saddam Hussein was one. I found some shoes in here thst I can use when I'm watching news shows on MSNBC next week. There was a parade in Birmingham called Do Da Day that was a dog walk. It used to be a costume parade but they changed the format and now it's a dog walk. We're having an SCA event next week I don't think I'm going to get to go. I also have an issue of the National Catholic Reporter in here that's my favorite Catholic newspaper. There are some cars outside it'd time to wrap up this post and go to bed I'm really tired. I'm going to check the weather on my computer now I have three toolbars, Google, Yahoo and ask. I don't know what my parents are doing now I think they're watching a movie. There is also an article in the paper about Sandra Lee, the TV cook, and Andrew Cuomo. the Attorney General of New York who is running for governor of that state. Good night from the blogosphere! These blog posts of mine may not be the most informed you've ever read but they are fun to do.

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