Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well tonight I'm reading Dorothy Hamill's autobiography. There was some bad news about Bill Clinton tonight, he's in a hospital in New York. But I'm interested in other things besides politics, figure skating is one of those things. I hope Bill clinton is OK, I think he was a great president and he's still making a great contribution fighting AIDS and other things. Gosh, Dorothy Hamill didn't have an easy time after she won her gold medal. She got sued by her coach, Carlo Fassi. She got divorced by her first husband after nine years of marriage and got her jewelry ripped off when she was staying at a hotel. She skated with the Ice Capades and with John Curry's skating company. John Curry was a genius and it's a shame he died of AIDS at the age of 44. Anyway Dorothy Hamill won an Emmy as well as an Olympic gold medal. She won it for playing Juliet in an ice presentation of Romeo and Juliet. She was going through her divorce from Dean Martin Jr. when she won it. Well tomorrow the Olympics start and tomorrow is also the day I'm having my birthday party. I hate my birthday! It just makes me feel older, not happier. This blog is going to turn into a list of birthday presents and stuff about my sister who's coming home from New York City tomorrow.

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