Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well tonight I watched the Faces of America on PBS. One of the guests was Kristi Yamaguchi. I never thought I'd see Kristi cry but she did when the host showed her a picture of her grandfather fighting in World War II, He also showed her a picture of one of her family from the New York Times. The director of the film "The Graduate" was also on as was a Chinese-American cellist, I forget his name. You know for someone with a good memory, for dates, I'm really bad with names! We recorded the show so maybe I can watch it again and tell you the guy's name! I really like family history I have a family history site at I should have put genealogy on my profile of interests I really love it. Well that will do it for tonight. I'll do my autobiography some time when I have more time, it's time to sign off.

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